Health and Safety

Integrating the components

The Health and Safety (OSH) module of eQueue integrates the various components to form a trackable incident management solution.

Workflow enables Incidents and Accidents to be investigated and followed up. Any claims that are incurred can be linked to an incident / accident, as well as any leave records that have been identified as 'Sick Leave'.

Training of employees and contractors can be scheduled and tracked by means of an integrated Event component that includes emailing the attendees and their respective managers regarding training courses / workshops / seminars and the event's attendance.

Comprehensive reports enable the portablity of data by being exported to Excel.


  • Health and Safety Inspections
    • Health and safety inspections are recorded.

  • Hazard Management
    • On-site hazards and possible resolutions are recorded in a register. Actions and follow-ups can be scheduled.

  • Warnings
    • Any warnings that are issued in relation to a hazard are recorded, and can be emailed to the individuals concerned.

  • Incident management Display the software screens
    • Incidents that do not require any serious medical treatment are recorded. These incidents can be linked to people and existing hazards.

  • Accident management
    • Accidents that require medical attention can be linked to hazards and previous incidents. All costs relating to the accident can be captured if required.

  • Investigations arising from incidents / accidents
    • Notifications to conduct an investigation can be triggered, and emailed to various individuals. These notifications can also be posted to the 'notice board'.

  • Hazardous Substances-register
    • The location and nature of hazardous substances is recorded, and usage thereof is managed. Users can maintain the various materials' data sheets.

  • Material Safety data
    • Individual materials are classified, and identification-, health hazard-, precaution- and safe handling-information are recorded.

  • Equipment Calibration register
    • Record the calibration data of equipment, e.g. Breathalyser.

  • Record and compare injuries graphically
    • A graphical representation of an injury can be created. This becomes interesting when doing an analysis of all injuries in a specific workplace or job-description

  • Management of ACC / Injury-on-duty records

    • Assign leave records to accident related sick-days
      • Any sick leave records can be reclassified to reflect the amount of days lost due to injury

    • Return to Work Display the software screens

      • Training and Events Display the software screens
        • Training and events are scheduled and tracked

      • Food Safety / Canteen Inspections
        • Food inspections are rated and compared to previous ratings

      Integrates with ...

      Substance abuse
      Sick Leave
      Occupational Exposure
      Health-staff Participation targets

      "healthQueue improves the way that Health and Wellness is managed in the workplace."