Job Specification / Occupational Exposure Assessments

Also called 'value recognition and development', this assessment will typically highlight the risk areas of an employee's activities.

Compare an employee's job specification to that of the job profile to determine the Occupational Exposure of your organisation.

How to obtain the job scope of an employee

  • Involve the employee
  • Ask the employee to keep an activity log of
    • tasks
    • interactions
    • other related information
  • Order the log into daily, weekly, monthly and periodic checks
  • Talk to customers of the position
  • Determine optimal amount of education, experience and qualifications
  • Draft the job description and circulate to affected parties

What then?

The data is now inserted into healthQueue's Occupational Exposure module, from where the employees' risk can be determined against the organisation's norm for a specific job.

Extracted from Workforce Management Online

"Compare the individual aspects of a job against the performance of your employee"