Absenteeism / Sick Leave analysis

Monitoring Absenteeism

The cost of absenteeism is more than the direct payment of the employee's wages and benefits paid during the absence. Indirect costs such as temporary staffing, re-training, lost productivity and turnover are often not considered by employers.

The most effective way to monitor inappropriate or excessive absenteeism is to implement a comprehensive absence reporting system that integrates into areas such as performance management, EAP, incident management, etc.

Data should also be portable, e.g. by being exported to Excel.

  • Import or capture leave records
  • Maintain sick leave records
  • Link sick leave to events
  • Comprehensive reporting and analysis
    • Monday / Friday syndrome,
    • the Bradford Score,
    • effects of disease management, etc
  • Annual departmental comparisons
  • Cost of illness and absenteeism

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