Maximise your investment in information

In a world of ever-increasing medical expenses, the employer has a role to play in ensuring that employees are productive, healthy and well-informed.

Do you have the tools to do it efficiently, accurately and immediately?

eQueue Limited offers you comprehensive, secure and easy-to-use fully integrated software applications to help maximise your organisation's health and wellness service delivery and information management, thereby increasing the organisation's productivity.

HealthQueue - Health and Wellness

HealthQueue effectively integrates your organisation's health-related information to ensure a reduction and prevention of the causes that lead to your employees being injured or contracting illnesses and/or diseases at work. Its workflow capabilities makes it one of the most powerful health and wellness solutions available on the market.

The solution seamlessly integrates

  • Primary Health,

  • Occupational Health,

  • Mental Health and

  • Health and Safety

    to produce a employee-centric view of the health in your workplace

    HereToSee Visitor Management system

    HereToSee is a highly configurable visitor management system, enhancing the look of your reception area and adding a professional feel to the visitor experience.

    WhereAmI Attendance register

    Expanding the functionality of HereToSee, the WhereAmI employee attendance register has been developed to act as an electronic In-Out board that is updated periodically from your MS Outlook calendar, and can also be updated from your own desktop. This application not only enables your staff to view the whereabouts of everyone in the office, but also to collaborate with each other more effectively. WhereAmI contributes in an innovative way to completing the weekly timesheets in TimeQ.

  • eQueue's software solutions add value to the way your employees attend work

    - Visitor Management

    - Innovative Timesheeting

    - Electronic In-Out board

    - Manage Health and Wellness