WhereAreThey Attendance Management System

WhereAreThey is an electronic In-Out board that can be updated from the desktop and displays the whereabouts of your collegues.


  • Register your status in the In-out attendance register board
  • Automatically download your Outlook appointments, ensuring they are also displayed
  • Create appointments into Outlook (with travel time noted as a seperate entry)
  • Multiple sections / departments are displayed
  • The Communique functionality displays:
    • notifications to selected audiences within your organisation and
    • Birthday notifications (including those in Outlook contacts)
  • Let's Chat increases employee collaboration without being intrusive
  • Easily locate Contact details of anyone in WhereAreYou
  • 'While you were away...' enables anyone to take down a message for you
  • Capture your Leave online
  • Export the following reports to Excel:
    • Staff Leave schedule
    • Birthdays from Outlook
    • Tasks from Outlook
    • Appointments
    • Staff list
  • Scroll the Joke of the Day or a saying (if you want it to)
  • Search for anyone in the organisation, and display the whole department's in-out board
  • Security is not compromised, as the software recognises you at logon
  • You are notified if your software has an outdated version

Your Attendance 'White-board'
Attendance 'White-board'
Menu at the click of the button
WhereAreThey menus
Register where you are going
Register where you are going
Say what you are doing
What are you doing?
  • This links into the TimeQ system

    Display the details of a staffmember
    Staffmember details
    'While you were away...'
    Replace the traditional note
    Instant messaging
    Talk to any other staff member
    Create scrolling notices for anyone
    View your visitors
    View visitors for specified period
    Maintain your data
    Maintain your data

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    Also see our IAmHere visitor registration and TimeQ timesheet systems.
  • There's a better way to do it. You have found it!

    WhereAreThey displays where you and your collegues are at any given time.