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Can you integrate, track, schedule, bill and report on your healthcare efforts?

healthQueue, an Integrated State of Health software solution, was developed in conjunction with industry practices and research from all over the world.

With the ability to integrate, track, schedule, bill and report on the full range of an organisation's service spectrum in a multi-user, multi-site environment, healthQueue can be used as a fully-integrated solution, or broken up into stand-alone modules. The software produces reports ranging from employee-centric to organisation-wide, thereby monitoring the productivity of employees and the factors that may limit the full potential of the workforce, irrespective of the number of employees. The software also quantifies the return on investment, e.g. calculation of cost of absenteeism, etc.

Do you have to purchase the complete system?

If the idea of installing the complete system might seem as a bit overwhelming at first, or your organisation doesn't offer all the services that healthQueue covers, the software can be implemented in two ways:

  • A complete integrated wellness system in an environment where more than one user can access the system simultaneously, based on individual system privileges and levels of access, or
  • Selected components, e.g. only the Health and Safety module, or just the EAP component.

What about confidentiality and security?

A high level of security ensures confidentiality of data. Should the need arise to share any results with anyone outside the secure environment, data can be exported into MS Excel.

Why should you choose healthQueue as your State-of-Health software?

healthQueue has the potential to change the way State of Health services are monitored in the business, and facilitate the adoption of 'good practice' as well as standardisation across health services.

healthQueue presents the collected data in an integrated and logical way. Value is added in both the analysis of information and statistics, as well as the identification of issues and exception management. A tightly integrated workflow, a notification board, emailing of information and scheduling of tasks improve the capability of communicating issues across the organisation. Communication on all levels is also enhanced via the integrated diary and task scheduler, which couples into MS Outlook.

Emails are also generated by the system automatically where applicable, or manually controlled by the system user.

The software is extremely intuitive and easy to use and requires relatively little training. Comprehensive user manuals have however been developed for each module. These can be either printed or included into the integrated document management system.

During the implementation, the organisational structure and other reference values are defined and can be imported into the system, therefore minimising customisation at a later stage. System parameters can however also be maintained by the system administrator.

Why is it called healthQueue?

The software makes extensive use of workflow, and 'queues' items for processing by staff. However, if you don't like the name, it can be changed by the business system administrator. This applies to many other terms in the system, e.g. 'employee' can be changed to 'client', etc.

healthQueue Components

healthQueue improves the way that Health and Wellness is managed in the workplace.

"We know that the best way to keep our families healthy and cut health care costs is to keep people from getting sick in the first place"
First lady Michelle Obama