healthQueue System Administration

The healthQueue Administration module is required to maintain the host of look-up/reference values and parameters that are required for the effective running of healthQueue. This data can be maintained in one of three ways:

  • In healthQueue Admin through customised screens
  • By importing the data (specific format in Excel/CSV file)
  • SQL scripts (performed by the DBA)


    • Setting up of
      • System Users
      • Roles
      • Service Personnel
      • User rights to components, reports, etc
      • Service Providers
    • Maintenance of
      • Organisational structure
      • Work Areas
      • Job Grades
      • Occupations
      • Leave parameters
      • Employees / Clients

    • Import data from other systems
    • Setting up parameters
      • Job Specifications
      • Performance Targets
      • Rosters

  • "Import and maintain all reference data"