ProcessClock - time-measuring made easy

ProcessClock will, in a very unobtrusive way, measure the time taken for the steps and interruptions during your processes, and enable you to make informed decisions on actions to be taken to reduce the interruptions.


  • Unobtrusive, i.e. it does not interfere with the remainder of your screen, and only utilises a small area (depending on the number of steps and interruptions for the selected process).
  • Powerful queries create informative reports
  • Easy installation

    ProcessClock Administration

  • The Administration module is intuitive.

    ProcessClock Administration


    You have a number of processes for capturing an insurance-related claim. Each of these processes has steps that need to be performed, and a host of possible interruptions that could influence the execution of each of these steps.

  • Using ProcessClock, you can determine which interruption creates the highest amount of time lost (e.g. client queries).
  • Now you can determine what to do about it, e.g. create a FAQ webpage, outsource queries to a call-centre, etc.
  • Alternatively you could use Client Queries as a single process, with specific interruptions such as 'Answer Phone call', 'Check emails', 'Write letter', etc, and redo the exercise.
  • "ProcessClock enables you to calculate the cost of interruptions"