HereToSee Visitor Pass, by eQueue Limited, New Zealand Visitor Registration System

HereToSee Visitor Registration
HereToSee is an electronic Visitor Registration System which is installed at the reception desk of the organisation.

Why should you use HereToSee to manage your onsite visitors?

  • Professional image of organisation
  • Touch-screen ready
  • Your visitors are registered electronically at reception
  • You are informed of the arrival of your visitor by email or via WhereAreThey
  • Visitors can be signed off in WhereAreThey
  • Any visitors that have not been signed out, are flagged to the host


  • Multi-lingual (optional)
  • Sign-in Individuals, Groups or pre-registered the visitors
  • Visitor Details (configurable)
  • Integrate visitor information into other applications
  • Staff search (search results with either photo or list)
  • Equipment register (capture details of items that visitor takes on site)
  • Indemnity declaration for Health and Safety
  • Staff notification by email (requires network connection and Exchange Server)
  • Visitor sign-out with predictive typing / bar-code scanner
  • Email signed-in visitors to up to 20 email addresses (emergency management)
  • Customisable Label Printing

  • Touch-screen enabled
  • Import from Active directory / CSV or input names individually
  • Multiple standard Reports
  • Administrator can change look-and-feel (information required, colour schemes, logos, etc)
  • Personalise Display Settings
  • Location of System Settings
  • Barcode sign-out (enables repeat sign-ins)
  • Integration with WhereAreThey Notification services

    HereToSee brochure

    Who is the visitor?
    Who is visiting?
    Who is being visited?
    Who is being visited?
    Read the indemnity
    Indemnity Statement
    View the visitors
    View visitors for specified period
    What reports are available?
  • Specific Visitor
  • Visitors for selected period
  • Visitors for specific staffmember
  • Visitors not signed out


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    Also see our WhereAreThey Attendance monitoring and TimeQ timesheet systems.
  • "HereToSee enables you to monitor the flow of visitors through your organisation"